I Wanna Yonana

There are few things in life better than ice cream.

It has the unique ability to make everything better with one simple bite. Once the cold, soothing, creamy sweetness touches your mouth, you’re immediately reminded that all is right with the world.

But once you swallow it, you feel the need to be reminded again. So you take another bite. And another. And probably another.

(or if you’re like me, let’s just say approximately 50).

OKAY, I know… I know. It’s bad for us — but let’s ignore the crappy ingredients and empty calories for a second.

I honestly can’t think of a tastier treat (possibly cheesecake, but that’s debatable). And then there’s the toppings. As if ice cream wasn’t amazing enough by itself, let’s just add in butterfingers, cookie dough, oreo cookies, chocolate syrup, butterscotch, chocolate chips, heath bars… the possibilities are endless.

I literally went through a phase in high school where I ate cookie dough ice cream every night after dinner. It took me a euphoric, sweet tooth wonderland that I couldn’t escape.

Until I went vegan and had to sadly say goodbye to my nightly love.

I’ve tried several vegan ice creams that taste good, but recently, I decided to step up my health regimen and focus on curbing my sugar addiction. Sugar addiction. Yes, it is a real thing. And it’s safe to say, I HAVE IT.

Enter ——- YONANA


I heard of a wonderful little item that makes soft serve ice cream strictly out of frozen fruit (primarily bananas but other fruit works too). You freeze the fruit, then thaw for a few minutes and simply put through the yonana.

This has become my new nightly treat, and it’s strangely satisfying. You don’t need any sweeteners. Just fruit and any toppings you want to add. My favorite combinations — banana and mango with a little peanut butter OR banana and berries topped with fresh blueberries.

It tastes so good that most people don’t believe it’s just fruit. I made it for a friend last night, and she asked about 5 times, “Wait. What’s in this? It can’t just be fruit.” Finally, I had to say, “Shut up. It IS just fruit!!!”

Finally. A healthy, natural treat. Who needs ice cream now? Not me.