Nutritional Yeast

I was vegan for a year and half before I tried nutritional yeast.

What… the… hell… was I thinking?

Well, for starters, it just sounded the weird. I remember thinking, nutritional yeast? That sounds terrible.


But, nonetheless… it was in a ton of recipes, so I decided to casually take a peak while at the grocery store. Then, I saw the ridiculous price tag and said “Yeah right! $15? Not happening.”

So, that was that for nutritional yeast. Never gave it another thought.

Until a few months ago… when a vegan mac n’ cheese recipe sparked my interest and called for that weird stuff. UGH! After much hesitation and a few curse words, I did it. I ignored looking at the price tag (ignorance is bliss) and threw it in the cart. I tried not to cry as the cashier told me the total.

Then I got home and opened it. What was this mystery food that I just spent my life savings on? (not really, but close)

Within 5 seconds, I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD! The powdery, yellow flakes were actually kind of like CHEESE! I was shocked. Excited! I think I may have done a little dance.

I started putting it on everything. Popcorn. Salads. Quinoa. Veggies. Cauli mash. Rice. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing how much I use it.


But, then I felt myself getting angry… angry at my myself. The regret. The frustration. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

And the funniest part… that $15 package of nutritional yeast lasts forever. Like forever ever. So, it’s actually not expensive at all.

AND to TOP it all, some nutritional yeasts are fortified with B12. I’ve actually stopped taking B12 supplements because of how much I use nutritional yeast.

Seriously though… let’s give the damn thing a new name. Nutritional yeast has got to go. Agreed?