It was a long day. I was tired. Hungry. Annoyed. Possibly even bitchy. (Definitely bitchy).

I typed Chipotle into my GPS and let my car drive me to belly bliss. Finally! Chipotle. It was in sight, and I was visualizing that first bite into my veggie bowl oozing of guacamole.

… if only it was that easy.

In Los Angeles, we have this thing called parking. And it’s a bitch.

After circling the parking lot for 20 minutes (damn you, Studio City), I said screw it and left. I continued my food prowl, passed taco bell, almost pulled in, decided not to and continued on my way.

Right as I was about to pound my steering wheel in frustration, I looked at a nearby shopping center and noticed a little vegan restaurant called “veSTATION.” I had recently seen it on Yelp and there it was. Right before my eyes. Right as my stomach reached the “angry” growl.

It was meant to be.

I slammed my breaks and immediately screeched into the parking lot. Cars may have been cut off and curbs may have been hit. It happens.

And parking?

What do you know… a spot just opened up, and I pulled right in.

Now, the food. Wow. Wow. Wow.

l-2 l l-1





I tried the Roti Curry Dip, Superfoods Salad and Massaman Curry.

The meal left me satisfied. But, I can’t ever just leave it at that. Oh, no. I have to push the limits of gluttony.¬†IMG_4906

Enter — Golden Crisp Banana & Coconut Ice Cream.

This is perfection. I am slobbering over my keyboard as I type this.

veSTATION, I’ll be back (in an Arnold voice, obviously).